The Edies Awards for Environmental Excellence 2010 / 2011/ 2012
Twenty hand crafted Awards by James Demianow
from recycled material, with the edies three leaf motif

I have been a working Blacksmith since I was sixteen years of age and in
1989 I established my business, Black Barn Forge.
I have had past commissions from The Texas Ballet Company for a hand
drawn Cinderella coach and I have made some very ornamental balustrade
for a British TV drama. I have also made props for several successful films
i.e. medieval hand held fire lanterns and four large fire baskets for one, and lift shaft gates for another.
Much of my work is generated from the general public and from previous satisfied customers, their requests ranging from large driveway gates to small garden gates, railings, security grills and smaller jobs such as candlesticks.
Other metalwork companies often approach me for handcrafted components, such as scrolls, leaf work, nails, rings, twisted bars, etc.
I also carry out renovation work of cast iron and wrought iron,
bronze, copper and brass.
I have recently renovated two copper, brass and cast iron lanterns, as well as two large sets of cast iron gates at Waterloo Bridge.
Much of my most satisfying work has been making personalised sculptures, these include a bride and groom, a pair of airplanes for a gravestone and a three-tier floor mounted flower for a garden centre, approx. 4 feet high.
M Demianow
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